Hello world!

By: Jane

Feb 19 2011

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Hello Friends,

FaceBook’s most recent attempt to sell my personal information to third party developers has lit a fire under me in terms of getting started with something I’ve been considering doing for some time now: blogging.

It’s not that I think I have anything terribly important to say.  But it will be my post FB way of staying in touch with anyone who cares to stay in touch with me.

I’d love it if this could become a place for conversations among friends.  Life is so fast, rushed, urgent, packed, active, demanding….I think it’s important to take a step back every now and then; to quiet yourself and reflect on what it is that makes you tick.

For some, those kinds of meditations may be too personal to be shared.  For others, there is deep satisfaction in getting to know someone else, and in allowing them to know you.

How often is it that we take time to sit together and talk about things that are really important to us?  How many times do we opt out of those conversations for fear that nobody really cares anyway?  Or that the things that are important to us will be rejected by others?

My personality type is one that can handle only one person at a time, so there aren’t too many people that I really know well. Writing about ourselves, I think, is an excellent way to express ourselves, to listen to what others have to say and to get to know and understand each other.  Hence, this blog, which I hope you will take part in.

It’s really a blog for people who like to write.  But hopefully, even those who don’t will type a few lines of who they are.

So, who are you?  Where did you come from?  What experiences have shaped you?  What would you really like people to know about you?


Who I am:   There are very few people who can change my mind about anything.  The ones who can are those who come as friends, willing to listen as well as speak; to discuss; to hash things out together as companions in the search – not as adversaries.  People who come loudly and arrogantly defending their thoughts and beliefs only cause me to dig in my heels and refuse to listen.  They yell so loudly that I can’t hear what they’re saying.  Since there is no discussion in warfare, I tend to leave them listening to the sound of their own voices.

Therefore, I welcome discussion among friends, rather than opinion stated as if it were fact, or antagonism in place of communication.  I see lots of name calling and demanding of rights these days, and precious little examination of issues, philosophies and beliefs.  So many are willing to shout their opinions.  Not many bother to explain them….maybe because very few listen.  So, the intent is to respectfully discuss ideas and life issues, to express ourselves and make ourselves more accessible.  Jolee Miller White, if you are reading this: this idea came directly from a discussion that you and many of your friends had on Face Book a while back.  I was so impressed that, although you were not all in agreement, your conversation was one of friendship, and listening to each others’ ideas.  It was a real discussion…not a debate to be won, or, worse yet, an argument.

My own thoughts and ideas come from a number of perspectives, which I will express in separate posts, and hope you will comment on from your own perspective.  I think as an introvert, (which does not necessarily mean shy,) as a music educator and musician, as a follower of Christ, as a wife and mother, as a mourner and as a person with A LOT of questions about life.

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3 comments on “Hello world!”

  1. Wow! I’m overwhelmed by being named in this first blog, Janie. I was also delighted that my friends (none of whom know each other in real life) carried on such a civil debate on the issue at hand. It is so rare on the internet any where! It says lots about those friends. I
    It is great that I will be able to continue being in your life through this avenue. I have missed your friendship since our days at WCC when we were just girls! Now we are mothers of adults and have had many bumps and bruises along the road, but we have both walked with our Lord who has turn those bruises into His glory.
    I love you, Janie!
    Jolee AKS DSM!

  2. This is my first participation in a “blog.” I do not know much about this concept, however, I am anxious to read and stay in touch with you ~ for you are very dear to me. I look forward to many topics and excellent discussions.
    Stay blessed!

    • Hi B!
      So glad you’re here! I’m terrible at keeping in touch in the conventional way…phone calls and letter writing. To be honest, Face Book has made me a better person as far as staying in touch with people is concerned, and I’m going to miss it. But this, I hope, will help me to keep getting better at communicating with my friends, and whoever else may stumble upon it. And it’s also for you to talk too. Love you, B!

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