Perspective: Follower of Christ

By: Jane

Mar 11 2011

Category: God

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I think from the standpoint of a follower of Christ. Note that I did not use the word “Christian.” I use that word less and less these days, as it no longer means “Little Christ.” (Something I could never be anyway.)
There are a few phrases in scripture that are no longer commonly understood in the same way as they were when written. I think that the word “Christian” CAN mean everything it meant in the Bible….a follower of and redeemed by Christ, hopefully bearing the outward characteristics of the indwelling Holy Spirit: patience, kindness, humility, courtesy, not possessive or jealous, not contentious, forgiving, a person of faith, truthful (see 1 Corinthians 13:4-7) ….all of this not because they’re able to achieve it themselves, but because God is able to achieve it in them.

That’s what it CAN still mean, and does in many individuals.(I know of no one who is “there”, especially me. We are all works in progress. God doesn’t snap His fingers, in my opinion, and “presto changeo!” You are now perfect.)
But more commonly the word “Christian” is taken in our society to mean intolerance, (and many times that is a mistaken perception), or a person who is unfailingly a member of a specific political party, or inflexibility, or someone who thinks they’re right and everybody else is wrong, or unable to tolerate questions they should probably be asking themselves. Various groups and types of people have taken the name “Christian” to justify some very unChristian behaviors, (like picketing funerals,) and, again in my opinion, been a poor representative of who Jesus Christ really is.

Not that I think I’m the epitome of what a follower of Christ should be. I very clearly know that I have A LOT to learn, and have barely scratched the surface of what I’m meant to be. So, in an effort to know, relate to and understand Jesus Christ, I regularly read and study the Bible, knowing that parts of it may remain a mystery to me for a very long time, if not forever. Still, I persevere. I read it over and over, and each time, I learn a little more. I AM a work in progress, with many questions and things that I don’t understand. But I think that it’s possible to ask questions and still have faith. Questions that I ask HIM. Like, “What about all this creation uproar? I know You did it…but does it really matter HOW You did it?” Or “How do I know that the Bible is true?” I don’t have too much trouble taking it by faith….but there ARE some things in there that are hard to reconcile. My policy, when I run across these things, is not to just skim over them, but to tell God…”I’m having trouble with this…can you explain it to me?” Sometimes I get an answer, sometimes I have to wait. I understand, though, that faith is not possible when all questions have been answered.

These, and lots of other questions, are things I’d like to discuss.

Stay tuned for “questions and answers.”


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