God and Dogs

By: Jane

Mar 13 2011

Category: God



Journal entry from November 13, 2009. Our elderly Golden Retriever, Dakota, had just returned home from a stay in the hospital after back surgery.

Dakota came home from the hospital last night. She has stitches a foot long down her back where the doctor had to operate on a fused vertebra.

She was having trouble getting up and moving around, so Steve took her to the vet on Monday. She was operated on last Tuesday, and came home last night – Thursday. We have to support her back legs by holding her up with a sheet that passes under her tummy. She has several physical therapy exercises that we must do with her three times a day, and four different medications for pain, inflammation and to fight infection.

In spite of the fact that she and Montana both chose Steve as their “pack leader”, now that she’s home she seems to be a little miffed at him. She’ll nudge me to be petted, and kiss my face and hands, but not him. This is because of her limited understanding, I think. She knows that it was Steve who took her there. She may even have the mistaken idea that he caused her health problems to begin with.

She has no way of knowing that what he did saved her life.

I feel like this is analogous to our relationship with God. Many things happen to us that we don’t like. Sometimes we mistakenly believe that God caused them, or at the very least could have stepped in to stop them. We don’t understand that, although the treatment we are receiving is painful, not only is it for our good, it could be saving our lives. We get miffed at God, maybe stop talking to Him for a while, or vent all of our negative thoughts and feelings on Him. Best to remember that He’s always in control, loves us dearly, and always has our best interests at heart.

Even when we are in severe pain and our functioning is limited, He is supporting our back legs, holding us up or carrying us, providing food, water and medication and administering daily therapy to bring us into good spiritual health.

I bet He sometimes wishes that we could understand what He’s doing, and kiss His face in gratitude and love.


2 comments on “God and Dogs”

  1. I love this analogy! And I Iove dogs. With your permission, may I share this with my pastor? I will wait for your reply.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Absolutely B! So glad you like it!

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