And with a Stomp of Her Foot, She Was Gone

By: Jane

Mar 14 2011

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My 35th college class reunion is coming up this May. The last one I attended was the 20th, and I remember being depressed for days afterward. They all came back. And then they left again.

Sometimes it seems like I can divide my life into segments, and each segment is filled with different people.
35 years ago a relatively small group of people spent several years living together, learning to sing, play, direct and create music. For a long time after those years, I thought that I would never again have a close friend. We dispersed all across the continent after we graduated and our lives together became a lovely memory.

I don’t know what happened to most of them during the intervening years. I only know what happened to me, and to the world we all live in. If anyone had said “internet”, “email”, “Google” or “Facebook” back then, we’d have looked at each other and said “Huh?” Who ever would have thought that technology would advance so far that we’d be able to reconnect 35 years later with the click of a mouse? (Mouse…didn’t that used to mean ‘a small rodent’?”)

So now, I’ve found many of these beloved old friends, and either heard from them or commented on their activities on a regular basis. The connections I’ve been able to reestablish have been absolutely precious to me. But today I unplugged my FaceBook. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME????!!!! I feel a sense of loss and depression very similar to the depression I felt after my 20th reunion. It’s almost like getting back someone you’d lost, and then losing them again.

But I’ve done my little foot stomp at Face Book. Stuck out my tongue, not at my friends, but at the Face Book Corporate Power to do whatever they want with my private information. Really, I’m sticking out my tongue at every power that arrogantly tries to control my life in the interest of making money or maintaining and growing their own power. Face Book provides a wonderful service, and most people think that it’s free. But it’s not.

I just want you to know, friends, that I miss you.


4 comments on “And with a Stomp of Her Foot, She Was Gone”

  1. Thank you for putting into such eloquent terms what I too, feel about this amazing thing called Facebook. I would never have thought that a technological creation could have had such a force on my well-being. I too, have LOVED reconnecting with friends, former singers, neighbors and teachers. I know that CONNECTEDNESS is one of my strengths but the busyness of life never allowed time for me to write letters to all of you. I do appreciate the little bit of life we share via fb. Blessings to you all –

  2. One of the biggest joys of facebook, for me, has been the prayer connections. I have loved praying for many of the friends I have reconnected with – some who were Christians when I knew them, some who have come to faith since we first met. It has given me truly a “little taste of Heaven” and I am so grateful. Thanks, Janie, for finding another way to maintain the connection! hug – Pat

  3. Here’s an interesting article from Time magazine on the whole topic of internet privacy.

    Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You,8599,2058114,00.html?artId=2058114?contType=article?chn=bizTech

  4. Paul, thank you! It’s a VERY interesting article. Here’s a quote that sounds almost like me:

    You know how everything has seemed free for the past few years? It wasn’t. It’s just that no one told you that instead of using money, you were paying with your personal information.

    Read more:,8599,2058114,00.html#ixzz1GttL6On9

    On one hand, it seems like FB is just a fraction of the problem, and it probably doesn’t make any real difference whether I’m on it or not. And there are so many others out there “mining” information, that it’s really impossible, practically speaking, to do anything that ‘s going to make them stop. (Like closing my Facebook.) On the other hand, is it 1984 yet? If someone really wanted to profile me, compile all of those bits of information and use it for who knows what, they could actually do it.
    And, I know I’ve said it before, but my little tantrum is really symbolic of my resentment of all those “others out there ‘mining’ information.

    This is a really interesting and informative article. I recommend reading it to find out all kinds of things you didn’t know before!

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