Internet Privacy

By: Jane

Mar 19 2011

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In the ongoing saga of my “break up” with Facebook, my friend Paul sent me a link to a very interesting article from Time Magazine on Internet Privacy.

It touches on a number of areas: a) How do they get all of that information? b) Is all of the information out there about me correct? If not, what are the ramifications of that? c) Does anyone actually look at all of the information about me?

At the beginning of the article the author states that, in doing his research, he contacted an information gathering company to see how much data they could compile on him. They called him back with his Social Security number that very day, and said that they were able to obtain it almost immediately but had been too busy to call and let him know. Kind of makes me wonder why everybody hasn’t had their identity stolen.

Just to do a quick little test for myself, I Googled me and came up with very little. My LinkedIn profile came up right on top. But I put that there myself, so I can’t really complain about that. My FaceBook profile is not there. I even found a listing of 7 Jane Riveras in my state, and I’m not one of them! (Could giving a fake birthdate on everything I do on the internet really mess up the computers that much? Nah.)
THEN I went to and typed in my street address. Not only is there a picture of my house, it’s a picture that’s been taken in the last 3 to 4 months. How do I know? My neighbors took down a big Maple tree right on the property line last summer. The tree is not in the picture. There are no leaves on the other deciduous trees in the neighborhood, so I know it had to be taken between November and now. AND there’s a description of the house which includes some of the things we’ve upgraded since the time we moved in. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, here’s the link. Take a look. It will give you something to think about, and it’s something to read while you have your Frosted Flakes in the morning. ;0)

Data Mining: How Companies Now Know Everything About You,8599,2058114,00.html?artId=2058114?contType=article?chn=bizTech


2 comments on “Internet Privacy”

  1. Hmmmm. That article was an interesting read. It’s nice to know more of the specifics about privacy & data collection.

  2. I’m really at a loss to know what it means in practical terms. I’m thinking that it may not make much difference at all whether I’m on Facebook or not. What to do, what to do……

    George Orwell was right. LoL

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