When the World Moves On

By: Jane

Mar 22 2011

Category: Grieving



I know you can’t leave his grave just yet.
So, let’s stop here and rest a while.
When we finally begin to move forward again
We will not be leaving him behind.
We’re moving toward him now.


3 comments on “When the World Moves On”

  1. One of my college professors lost a son to a drunk driver. He shared with me that he found the strength to move on with his life knowing that each day would bring him closer to seeing his son again. I often think about this but of wisdom, and how it comforted me during a difficult time in my life. This professor has since passed away. Someday, I’d like to send a note to his family to let them know how much his words meant to me.

    I see you as being like my professor. You never know how your words could mean the world to someone who needs to hear them.

  2. Thank you, Beth. I consider that a GREAT compliment. And I consider you a GREAT friend.

  3. Hey Beth, I’ve been thinking more about this. A year or more after Mike died the lease ran out on his car and it was supposed to be returned. Even thought I knew it was just a car I felt like giving it back was just one more piece of him being left behind. Steve must have felt the same way, because even though I told him that I knew it was just a car and not worth the money it would take to keep it….well, I’m still driving it. But it was sometime around then that I started thinking not in terms of leaving him behind, but moving toward him. It brings me comfort to think that way, too.

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