Why Did That Happen?

By: Jane

Mar 24 2011

Category: God

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Yesterday I posted an email I received regarding the physical ramifications of crucifixion.

I’m part of a weekly Bible study that is focusing on the book of Isaiah. (Bible Study Fellowship, International. I highly recommend it. Check out BSF.org to see if there is one near you.)
It just so happens that this week’s study is on Isaiah 53: prophecies about the passion of Christ, with complete details about His crucifixion. (Perfectly timed for Lent, I’d say.)

One of the study questions is: “Why do you think the Servant had to suffer as He did?”

Good question. If Jesus paid the price for our sins by going to hell in our place, why couldn’t He just die a natural death? Why did He have to endure torture on the cross?

A couple of things come to mind. First, Jesus’ crucifixion was a very public event. News of it probably traveled as fast as was possible in that day. If Jesus had just died in His sleep, who would have known? Who would ever have known that He didn’t stay dead? But beyond that, I think that Jesus’ public death was a visual aid for us. It was the worst that human beings could do to another human being, and it still wasn’t as bad as what would happen to us if we’d have to endure hell. Forever. The crucifixion is a picture of the wrath of God, presented for our benefit in the only way we can understand. We can’t see hell. There’s no other way we could actually SEE the price that was paid for our benefit. Actually, even watching a physical execution of this sort isn’t enough to portray the price that was paid…but it’s all we are able to comprehend.
I think that it’s also meant to show us how revolting sin is to God. I have not seen “The Passion of Christ” because I don’t think I could bear to watch a crucifixion. It is a horrifying, repugnant sight. It shows us the depths of cruelty to which humans can sink, as well as how God feels about it.

Why do bad things happen to good people? I don’t have all the answers, but I know that bad things happened to the best person who ever lived, and, as it turns out, it was a good thing for me.

Suggested reading: “The Shack” by William P. Young


One comment on “Why Did That Happen?”

  1. Janie, I read yesterday post and meditated again on the manner of our Savior’s death. It was such a cruel death. It was a demeaning death. Even one of the thieves who hung on a cross next to him insulted him!
    Yet the pain he feared the most the moment when the Father had to turn away since He couldn’t look upon sin, and now Jesus took on our sin. That is the pain we would know without laying our lives down at the foot of that same cross, that instrument of torture which became an instrument of healing and reconciliation.
    Thank you for the reminder that sin is so horrific that this was the death that needed to occur for a Holy God to be satisfied, and the One sacrificed had to be the Perfect Lamb of God!

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