Face Book Again

By: Jane

Mar 26 2011

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OK. I caved. But I had a good reason. Truly!

Yesterday when I got home from work my DH was trying everything he knew to find a musician who could play Dixieland banjo. He’d tried the Musicians Local, every school who’d ever done a show that calls for Dixieland, and everyone he could think of that might be or know a banjo player. He was getting nowhere, so I generously offered to make a huge sacrifice and reactivate my Face Book account. Someone in my vast network of friends might have a contact. OK…it’s not exactly a VAST network, but it was worth a try.

So, I used the email that FB sent to me when I deactivated…the one that said how sorry they were to see me go…and logged back on. Lo and behold, everyone was still there; all my friends, my islands, my farms…everything. So, I told myself,” I’m just going to post this request, and then I’m outta here.” However, it wasn’t my profile page that came up. It was my home page. The page where all of my friends show up. So I did post the request. Then I proceeded to check up on everyone and their dog. (Literally. Chelsea Miller White has her own page and she’s one of my friends. Woof.)

I ‘d logged off because I was mad about FB giving away or selling my personal information to 3rd party vendors. I really don’t want telemarketers using up my minutes or texts. (And yes, I have gotten some.) But a few posts back I mentioned that my friend, Paul, had sent me an article from Time Magazine, which basically said, “Honey, your privacy was gone a loooong time ago.” (See “Internet Privacy”). That is most probably true…last week I went on Ancestry.com and found out what my great great grandfather did for a living in Ireland in 1880, the exact date he set foot on American soil, and what ship brought him here. I bet HE thought all of his information was private. If I can find out all of that about someone who was born almost 150 years ago, I guess I can just kiss the notion of “personal” information goodbye. (I have to say though, it’s pretty cool even to know what my great great grandparents’ names were.)

So, here I am, 3 weeks later, back on Face Book. I’m sure I can quit any time. Just watch me.

Hmmmm. My name is Jane, and I am a Face Book junkie. HOWEVER…..if FB is my heroin, blogging is my methadone. I tried to use it to keep me off of FB, and now I’m hooked on this too! FaceBook is great for keeping in touch on a daily basis, having conversations and staying connected. WordPress is great for journaling, which I love, and communicating (if only to myself) what I’m really thinking about. (In other words, it’s wonderfully wordy.)

I am actually ashamed of myself for caving on the Face Book issue. Probably not enough to get off, though.
At least not until they make me mad again.


9 comments on “Face Book Again”

  1. Even without Facebook, the world can read all about each of us on Google. Just make sure you have your privacy settings set to friends only for everything you put on Facebook. And don’t list your phone number.

    I for one am glad you are back on Facebook!

  2. First of all, did Steve find his banjoist?
    Second, you will find FB less annoying if you don’t play with all those games on FB. I never have and I don’t have nearly the FB issues that people who have do. Probably not a coincidence.
    I also use a separate e-mail address for anything online than I use for my personal e-mails. That also helps keep things tidy. If I do get junk, it’s not going to appear in my for real e-mail box.
    So, there are some suggestions for happier FaceBooking.

  3. Hi Jen! I keep my privacy settings as tight as I can. The phone problem is probably because i loaded the FB app onto my phone. (Duh.) Anyway, just hearing from you shows me how much I missed seeing what you’re up to every day!

  4. Hey Tex, Thanks for the tips. I do have an email address that I never use for anything…including checking for email. I’ll have to start using that and let all the junk pile up in there. Now, once I’ve used those games, have I granted them access to my info forever?
    That was another stupid move….as soon as that little box came up saying they needed access I should have just closed the window.

  5. Oh…several leads, but no banjo player yet. :0(

  6. Scratch that…one banjo player just came in, thanks to Face Book, my cousin Mark, and a little research!

  7. my wife has deactivated and reactivated numerous times – she’s found she has to set boundaries around how much she can use it. And yeah privacy, who’s heard of that? I don’t think i’ve ever put my phone number anywhere on facebook, but I do get spam texts from time to time, no idea how.

  8. Charlie! Hi! The boundaries thing is an issue for me as well. I NEVER tire of FB, or of blogging. Partly because I love to read. Newspapers, books, magazines, blogs, FB posts, cereal boxes…I do value the connections on FB though, and in a totally different way, here as well. I’ve “met” a lot of good people blogging and reading blogs. (I’ve only been at it since March 8.) When there’s really something on your mind, I think this is probably a better way to express yourself. It’s also a good way to sort things out…there’s stuff in my head I don’t even know about until I start writing.
    Anyway…I prayed for you several times today. I was wondering….if the practice you’re with closes, what will happen to all of your clients? Maybe you could open your own office?

  9. I love FB. My family says I’m a junkie, but really, I just catch up once (ok, maybe twice, ok, ok, maybe more) a day. I’m a computer person, period. I’ve been on the Internet from day one (age hint — ha ha) But I use FB a lot to “market” and promote my stuff: programs at the library, new church in our community, activities in town, and of course, it’s where I post links to my blog(s). Yes, true, I also have a couple of others, not as active as the one. I did resurrect Library Looney today — it’s where I try to bring a laugh. P.S. Glad you found a banjo player. I think I know one too.

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