A Day in My Life

February SunriseI recently posted a list of memories from my childhood. Among the memories were several references to smells, (and I forgot the salt water smell,) but I completely forgot to mention the music that takes me back 40 years or more.

I was a Beatles fan from the time I was 9 years old. I missed the first Ed Sullivan performance, but there was so much hoopla about it at school that I made sure I was on the living room floor at 8 P.M. the following Sunday evening. Hooked.

For a long time I could tell you every song on every album the Beatles made. I can’t quite do that perfectly anymore, but I can still sing most of them.

So, since the Beatles were such a big part of my growing up years and my musical development, here is “A Day in my life, with director’s commentary. 10 points for anyone who can supply the line AFTER the one that I quote. 5 points for naming the song, but only 1 if the name is quoted….

1. Here comes the sun…..
Here comes the sun….

2. Got up, got outta bed. Dragged a comb across my head.
Found my way down stairs and drank a cup, and looking up, I noticed I was late….

3. Baby (I) can drive my car…..


4. The long and winding road that leads (to my job.)

5. Hello hello, I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello….

6. Lady Madonna, children at your feet…(and around them, and on them…and) 7. Here and there, and everywhere.

8. You say it’s your birthday! We’re gonna have a good time! (Teaching elementary school music is like giving 7 birthday parties a day. I’m the hostess, the entertainment, the crowd control…and I’m supposed to teach them something too. And, if you’ve read “Lessons I’ve Learned” you know that in my world, music class has to be enjoyable. (My boss doesn’t let me say “fun”.)


9. Dear Prudence, won’t you (go) out to play…..

10. Aaaaaannnd…the kids are comin’ in from the pouring rain. Very strange.

11.Baby I can drive my car down the long and winding road to my other school for parent teacher conferences.

12. What did we do that was wrong? We didn’t know it was wrong.

13. I don’t know! I’m just the Fool on the Hill (who) sees the sun going down…

14. Baby I can drive my car down the long and winding road to worship team practice at church. For the uninitiated, worship teams/praise bands have, in some churches, taken the place of the church organist in leading the music of a church service. We have (but don’t use all at once), 3 keyboard players, 4 rhythm guitars, 4 drummers, 2 lead guitars 1 bass and a plethora of singers. Some churches refer to it as “choir” but it really isn’t the same thing.

15. I really want to know you Lord…..Ok, it isn’t exactly a Beatles song, but it’s close. Besides, we actually used it once. We just changed all the Hare Krishnas to Hallelujahs. It worked! And besides, if George could change “He’s so Fine ” to “My Sweet Lord” I think I can change Hare Krishna to Hallelujah. ( I’m not sure, but I don’t think he actually got away with it, even though I personally believe it was unintentional.)

16. Baby I can drive my car down the long and winding road, that leads to (my) door.

17. I’m so tired, my mind is on the blink……

So. g’nite. Tomorrow we can sing “Here comes the sun” all over again.


5 comments on “A Day in My Life”

  1. Ha ha. Maybe you can sing “Here’ Comes the Sun” where you live, but we had snow flurries here in Maryland.

    Would play the game, but as much as I loved the Beatles, I can only remember the ones where boys were involved and slow dancing: Do You Wanna Know a Secret? 🙂

  2. Hi Irm. It was snowing here in PA this morning too….God’s little April Fools joke, I guess.

  3. Center Valley, Charlie, near Allentown. Probably a couple of hours from York. You missed lovely spring day here today. It snowed. :0)

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