Come Away

By: Jane

Apr 16 2011

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This is the time of year when many people, including me, just need some time to regroup and refresh. I recently saw a post on another bloggers site, (Everyday Intensity), regarding the value of enjoying your time. It may seem unsatisfying to be “unproductive”, but it just could be, at times, the most productive thing to do. We work ourselves into such a lather over the tyranny of the urgent, what needs to be done next, what deadline must be met, that it actually becomes in our best interests and most productive to do …… nothing.

This weekend is the opening weekend at the campground where my family and I spend most of our summer. The idea was that we would open up, rake leaves, turn on the water, straighten, tidy, clean etc….but the fact is that it’s cold and rainy. So, even though we did get some clean up done, most of our time has been spent watching movies, napping, eating and playing games. And for once, although I am aware of the fact that I may be wasting some time, I DON’T CARE. Life has been so stressful and exhausting of late, that I need a day or two to sit at the kitchen table looking out the window at a peaceful, albeit damp and cloudy, woods. That’s all I need, and it’s all I need to do.


6 comments on “Come Away”

  1. Charlie I just love you!

    What news on the job hunt?

  2. I love this place! such a stress relief!!!

  3. It’s open Jules! Time to come to the beach!

  4. I’ve been thinking of this post a lot in the past week. Especially during the sick days I took to stay home with my peanut. I reminded myself not to worry about work because I needed to be a nose wiper, a medicine dispenser, a playtime buddy, and a snuggly pair of arms.

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