Good Friday

By: Jane

Apr 22 2011

Category: God



Today is Good Friday. Today, I believe, is an anniversary of the day on which Jesus Christ took the blame and the punishment for every single sin that has ever been committed by anyone, anywhere at any time.

That in itself is incomprehensible to me. Take the number of sins that there are. I don’t know exactly how many that is, but the 7 major categories are pride, (the look down your nose at somebody else kind), dishonesty, murder/violence, deliberate, premeditated evil, spontaneous evil, lying -particularly slanderous lying, and deliberate trouble making. (Proverbs 6:16). Think of all of the large and small different ways those 7 sins can be committed and multiply it by the number of times they can be committed by one person in one day. Now multiply that number by 365, the number of days in a year. Multiply again by 75, an average number of years in a lifetime. Then multiply it by however many people have ever lived. It’s certainly not an exact number, but you get the idea that it’s a lot. All paid for by one person.

The thing is, even if they’re all paid for, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you need to have the receipt for yours. And the only way to get it is to say thank You, and take it from the hand that is offering it.

Some people would say that that’s all there is to it. It’s a free gift. Just say, “Thank You, Lord, for offering this redemption to me. I accept it – I gratefully accept Your sacrifice on my behalf, so that I may one day actually see You and enter Your kingdom.”
In a sense, they’re right – that’s all it takes. (See the end of this post.)

But I don’t think You can accept it all and then turn and walk away any more than you could accept the gift of friendship from anyone, ignore that friendship, and then still have that friendship. The magnitude of the gift requires gratitude, and showing gratitude requires an ongoing relationship with the giver.

How do you show gratitude? The easy answer is to keep remembering what’s been done for you, and to continue to have a grateful heart. My own experience, though, is that I do not have a grateful heart, nor can I manufacture one. I have a tendency to take for granted all that I’ve been given. So, the next step is to ask for a grateful heart.

Then, listen.

If you are listening, and if you really want to know, every day you will be shown all kinds of things: things to be grateful for, things that will comfort or encourage you, things about yourself that God likes and things He’d like to help you change, things you can do that will most effectively accomplish whatever it is you need to accomplish, (short version – wisdom and guidance), tasks He’s given only to you. That’s the short list.

None of it happens overnight. Like any other relationship, knowing God is a process. He is not a fairy godmother who waves a wand, instantly changing you and your circumstances. Life won’t necessarily get easier, and heaven knows all of your problems won’t be solved for you.

But as you work out your life and your salvation, you are already an eternal being, starting now to become everything you will be the day you see Him. Then He will add the final touch that makes you perfect, after you have worked with Him to understand who you are and what it is He wants to make of you.

One more thing: It’s never too late. The day He died, there was a true criminal hanging on the cross next to Him. The guy never did a good thing in his life. But that Friday, he believed. And that was enough.


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  1. I’m gonna share this one.

  2. S’all yours, Jules. Share away. :0)

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