By: Jane

Apr 29 2011

Category: introverts, Personality Types



April 28th, 2011. 10:40 P.M.

I feel old and tired. It’s been a long day; it’s the end of the week. I’ve been with people continually, at work, after work and after after work. On days when there’s no time for solitude, the stress of being social starts to tell on me.

For example, when I got home,(half an hour ago), there was a pair of British commentators on TV yammering about the royal wedding, all the tacky souvenirs you can buy, “the breaking news from around London”….I felt like yelling “who cares?”

When I’m tired I need to be left alone. I don’t have the energy to make conversation, or, if I’m really tired, to even pretend I’m listening. I can push through hunger, but I can’t push through fatigue.

I’t nothing personal. It’s just part of the solitary personality. The introvert. Too many activities and people sap my energy, and all I want to do is get away to someplace where I can be by myself.

I know I’m in ungrateful mode, and there are MUCH worse things than being tired. I’ll follow up on this post tomorrow or Saturday…sometime soon when I’m more rested and see how differently I think then. Hindsight will be better. (I hope.)

Thanks for listening.


3 comments on “Solitary”

  1. Twins separated at birth. I feel ya, sister. 🙂

  2. […] The other night I wrote about my inability to deal with people in general, at times, and I was hoping that my perspective would lighten up a bit by now, so that I could address the negative effects of introversion in a more balanced frame of mind. I’ve spent my weekend so far, however, participating in planned activities with fairly large groups of people, some of whom I’ve never met before. This is what I call an “introvert’s nightmare,” and more is planned for tomorrow. I think I’m going to have to skip it. […]

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