The Next Day……..

Just keeping a record of my latest health adventure.

In our last episode, Jane had returned home from the shore after a brief stay at Cape Regional Hospital, where the doctor in the emergency room ordered her an antibiotic and told her that she needed to have her hand looked at by her physician within 48 hours.

Did we mention that this episode took place over the long Memorial Day Weekend?

Jane dutifully called her doctor’s office number the next day, Saturday, knowing that she would have to leave a message with the answering service. Two days and three messages later, she had still not heard back from the doctor. It wasn’t that she was expecting to be seen. She simply wanted to tell the doctor what had been happening, and find out what else she should do. 48 hours was long past before she was even able to talk with a physician, let alone be seen by one. Meanwhile, her hand and wrist continued to swell.

Jane’s son, a Physician’s Assistant , was able to talk with a hand specialist, who offered to fit Jane into her schedule on Tuesday morning. That was good news, as long as things didn’t get too bad between Sunday night and Tuesday morning. Finally, on Monday night, Jane’s physician returned her call. It is still not clear what caused the delay in communication. The doctor immediately suspected Lyme disease, which would explain why the particular antibiotic prescribed in the E.R. wasn’t working. She too wanted to see Jane on Tuesday morning. So now there were two appointments to attend.



2 comments on “The Next Day……..”

  1. Short post tonight. I’m typing with one hand. :0(

  2. Go Jane! (not to the doctor, just go Jane). Very creative. At least you have somewhere to go.

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