Note to Self

June 1, 2011
5:45 A.M.

Just wanted to make note that, after 2 doses of the new medication I see no improvement. I am about to begin a course of Prednisone, and I know that will at least make it appear that my hand is improving.
Public record.
Jane Rivera


2 comments on “Note to Self”

  1. I am so sorry that you are going through such an ordeal. I will pray for you. Prednisone can work wonders in short term doses

  2. Thanks, Greg, for the prayers and for the encouragement. This afternoon I was able to toch my thumb and index finger together and pick up an envelope that way. This is progress! Ray says that I won’t see much from the prednisone til tomorrow…it had only been 6 hours or so since I’d taken it that I talked to him.
    Thanks again! :0)

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