Forgiveness Again

H, I picked the photograph for this post just for you. It is the sun rising to warm a frozen field, the way forgiveness rises to warm a heart that has been frozen in time, frozen with sadness.

Once I began this blogging habit, I started visiting other peoples’ blogs, and so have made a few friends that I’ve never actually met. One of them has been posting over the last couple of days about long hidden, painful secrets, forgiveness or the lack thereof, and learning to forgive oneself; to let your own self forgiveness and the forgiveness of God, who specializes in forgiving, be enough.

H, I suspect that there are not many people who aren’t hiding some kind of secret they wouldn’t want revealed to the world.
You are courageously facing the past right now, and confronting the fact that there are people who have judged you and refuse to forgive. Two things have occurred to me regarding this:

a) Those who refuse to forgive someone that God has forgiven are somehow thinking that they have the right to overide His forgiveness. They do not. When these are people who are close to you, family perhaps, it’s difficult to accept their unforgiveness, and easy to believe that you are not really forgiven at all. But you are.

b) If these same, unforgiving people would look honestly and as judgementally at their own lives as they have at yours, they might begin to understand that their own sin of unforgiveness and lack of humility is worse, in God’s eyes. They fail to see their own blind spots, and excuse themselves for things that need to be forgiven just as much as anything you may have done.

Believe me, in this world, and especially in the church world, (I’m speaking of the institution…notice that I did not say “Christians” or “Followers of Christ”), most, if not all, are hiding something that they think the rest would not forgive if they knew. And yet we still judge each other as if we ourselves were God…..


6 comments on “Forgiveness Again”

  1. I think sometimes the hardest things to forgive in others are the things that we, ourselves, struggle with. Just a thought. I know there are things that I struggle with that I wouldn’t want others to know about, plain and simple. It takes a lot of courage…and I mean a lot of courage…to really share the heart.

    I wonder if people would like me if they REALLY knew me….

    It’s hardest to forgive ourselves by the way….I find it much easier to forgive other people….but I don’t have a perfect track record there either….

  2. Hard. Always hard when time has locked up the situation. Takes courage and faith to open the heart.

  3. Jane, wow! I have been trying to respond to your sweet post, (not to mention, wise). The picture is pretty-I guess that’s what I need to do. I do feel frozen in time.
    I think you’re right about those people who wouldn’t forgive.
    We had a substitute preacher today, who did a lesson on hidden sin. It was really good and got me thinking about how I have sort of hidden this from people because of shame.
    He said that Satan wants us to feel ashamed and not forgive ourselves-bringing it up, remembering it. I think that is partly what I’ve been doing.
    Thanks for the post. I can’t believe you addressed one to me! Thank you.

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