How I Earned My Gray Hair

By: Jane

Aug 26 2011

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I wonder why it is that some things about aging bother me, but others don’t. I’m appalled at my sagging skin, weight gain, crow’s-feet, smile lines and dark circles. But I love my gray hair.

I guess it could be that most of it doesn’t show. For whatever reason, it’s mostly under my bangs instead of on top. And it could be that once there’s more of it than brown hair, I’ll feel differently. But for the time being, it gives me great pleasure. I earned every one of those gray hairs! Even if they give more of an illusion of maturity than I actually possess, I do have some. I’ve learned a few things from my life experiences:

* Don’t judge. I have no way of completely understanding others.

* Forgive. I need it just as much as anyone else, so it’s best to give it. Besides, holding grudges doesn’t really affect anyone but me.

*I am who I am. I will not beat myself up over who I’m not. (At least, I’ll try not to.) Nobody is all that.

* I will give whatever I can give, whenever I can give it. Somehow, it will come back to me. And I’m not just talking about money….time, effort on someone else’s behalf, going the extra mile.

*Pray…there is nothing in the world that is completely under my control, except, possibly, my attitude.

*Listen more than I speak. (I still have to work really hard at that one.)

*Think before I speak. (And that one. I wish I could just be quiet.)

*It does matter, to a degree, what other people think. There are consequences for the things I do and say.

* I am the only person that I can change. I can have influence over others, but if there is something that needs to change, I’ll have to change myself. Anyone who wants to keep dancing with me will have to change their steps as well. Anyone who doesn’t….so be it.


2 comments on “How I Earned My Gray Hair”

  1. This is really sweet! I got my first three gray hairs when I was 17. I just color my hair.

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