A Prayer for a Friend

Avalon Morning

Cancer is so limited…
It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot eat away peace.
It cannot destroy confidence.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot shut out memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot reduce eternal life.
It cannot quench the Spirit.

Author Unknown

Father, I know that You see my heart and mind, and You know that my heart is heavy for Edward and Val and their family. Oh Lord, will you not give him lifetime enough to raise his children to adulthood and to support his family? Father, I ask you for his life – for the healing of this disease. YOU, God, are in control. YOU are the One who knows all things and controls all things. YOU are the one who is able to heal. You have said that You heal all of our diseases. I know that healing can come in a variety of ways, but I ask for the physical healing of Edward’s body, so that he can be here for his family and friends. Lord, please show Your power and compassion in this situation, by healing Edward and blessing his family.

Friends, I don’t often ask for something of this magnitude, mainly because my faith is so limited. If you would add your prayers to mine, I would be grateful.



3 comments on “A Prayer for a Friend”

  1. I will pray for Edward and post it on Facebook .

  2. January 27, 2013. I’ve been spending some time this afternoon looking back through this blog, which is like a mini journal/sequential log of my life over the past few years. I just wanted to make a notation that Edward died 9 months after I blogged this prayer. At the time I did not understand, and it’s quite possible that I still don’t, but I am at peace with the way God chose to answer this prayer. Apparently, He has a better idea.

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