By: Jane

Sep 30 2011

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Category: Grieving


Just a personal observation: I’m going away for the weekend. Once I leave the house this morning I won’t see home or family again until Sunday. This is causing me great anxiety. Ever since Mike died I have a gut level fear of what might happen in my absence. I rarely leave the house without thinking, “I might never see them again”. If I’m not going far, or for long, I can shake it off, and I’m sure I’ll be fine once I get going today. It strikes me though, that I tend to live under the illusion that as long as I’m present I can keep things under control. Since that is only an illusion, I will go look at the ocean for a day or 2.


4 comments on “Anxiety”

  1. I’m obviously not a mother, but as a woman I think we all kinda feel that way. That as long as we are “there” we can help or fix anything. I pray that you will have no anxiety this weekend and all the relaxation and ocean air you can breathe in.

  2. Thanks Jules. It took about half a day before I was able to shake it off, but I’m feeling better. :0)

  3. Enjoy the beach and your time away. May your have peace Jane.
    I love you.

  4. Thanks Mary. I love you too!

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