Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Morning On the Porch

For me, comfort is home. This was taken early on a summer morning. My English Muffin, my porch bench and my journal bring me a few moments of peace and quiet before the day gets hoppin’.

I had some choices to make for this topic….could have been the beach or an ocean sunset. But the words “comfort” and “home” are very nearly synonymous to me.


19 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort”

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  4. What is it about porch swings? They help me to be grounded in an old fashioned way!

    • I think they’re from a simpler time and a simpler life. Sometimes I feel like I need too limit the amount of ” world” that I let into my life….what I can see from my porch is just about enough! :0)

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  9. beautiful photo, love the bench and books, food and drink, all perfect!

  10. Thanks dadirri! And thanks for taking a look and commenting!

  11. The secret is finding that time to be alone, coffe in one hand and journal in the other…
    I like the angle you took this photo on.

    • Maggie, I make a conscious effort to start my day alone with my coffee and journal….even though it means getting up 45 minutes earlier. Photo’s kind of blurry, but it still expresses comfort to me, so I used it. Thanks! :0)

  12. I totally agree.- comfort is home. Great photo entry.

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