Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility


This sign is posted near the entrance of a public garden. Following winding paths through wooded areas, flower beds, ponds, gazebos and a bamboo forest, we meandered through the park for two hours, wondering what we would find around the next bend or at the end of a bridge. We discovered possibilities for our own garden, as well as a place to come and sit on a summer morning with pen and journal.

Something about the sign and the path behind it spoke to me about just this topic. Don’t rush from one work day to the next, squeezing in appointments and obligations as you go. Each morning brings new possibilities. If we take the time to look for them, anticipating what lies around the next bend, we can experience the life we’ve been given.

This photograph was taken at Leaming’s Run, a public garden on a historic homestead in Clermont, New Jersey.

Hmmmmm…it’s possible that today would be a good day to post a catalogue of photos that I took that day…..


2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility”

  1. Jane, we are two travelers on the same path. This morning when I left the house to drop my daughter off at school, I did so with a grand sense of adventure! Who will I meet today? What will I learn? Who will I become?

    Leaving my laptop, camera, and notebook at home, I set out with wide-eyed wonderment. Stopping at a local cafe, I asked ‘Julia’ to make whatever she thought I should have for breakfast. I sat at a large table where three other people were gathered. After a few polite exchanges and a bit of awkward conversation with the man I sat next to, we discovered that he was good friends with the husband of a woman my husband does work for out on Criehaven Island. Imagine that! Most people I meet have never even HEARD of Criehaven Island, much less know someone who has a home there. As it turns out, this man is fanatical about islands, but has never been to Criehaven. I took his name and number, and will pass the story and contact info to my husband, who will tell his customer (the wife), who will probably invite her late husband’s buddy out to Criehaven for a visit! Hmmm, can you spell s-e-r-e-n-d-i-p-i-t-y? 😉

    Truth be told, I recently made a conscious decision to change how I “am” in the world. And in one short week, I’ve had enough adventures to fill a book! Funny, it’s just the prompt I needed to jumpstart my writing . . . you know, that blog I’ve mentioned in passing? (hmmm, come to think of it, you’ve mentioned it too.)


    • Wait….does that mean you’re starting your blog?! Can I have the address?!
      I love reading your comments because it’s like having a guest blogger…always great reading.

      I love that “we are two travelers on the same path”. Only two differences….if I ever leave the house without a notebook and camera it’s an accident, and I only WISH I was brave enough to sit down to eat with complete strangers!

      However, you and I were practically strangers up until a year or so ago….and this is working out fine.

      Can’t wait to read your blog! We really do need to find a way to have breakfast together. :0)

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