Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows, Day 2, Yet Again

Winter Blue

Sunset on a snowy winter afternoon turned everything blue outside.


8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows, Day 2, Yet Again”

  1. I never knew they had a weekly photo challenge here even though I have a photo blog! (haven’t done much with my WordPress one though). I really love this one. It has such a mood to it, especially with the softly lurking pillows and the icicles! Seeing this, I thought you might get a kick out of this gallery I made awhile ago, with window photos collected from other galleries on my site: http://www.winsomeworks.com/Arts-and-Crafts/Architecture/Windows/14105026_83tqHq I also have a “Doors” gallery.

  2. Ok, Anna Lisa…I’ll be needing the address of your WordPress blog, and looking for your weekly photo challenge pics. If you do a search of WordPress for Weekly Photo Challenge you can sign up to get the emails and get instructions on how to tag the posts. Meanwhile, I LOVE your site! I can’t wait til I can take some time to thoroughly peruse all of your photographs!

  3. Ps….I never realized that Anna Lisa was 2 separate words!

  4. Jane, if you just click on “WinsomeWorks”, that’s my WP blog. I’m not smart enough to use WP very well though. I find it so difficult to figure out how to post, & therefore can’t get my photo frames to match, or fonts to agree, etc. It takes me forever. So I kinda gave up & started using Blogger more, & attached my Blogger photo-blog to my SmugMug photo site instead. (that’s the “blog” tab) I didn’t drop WP as I thought I’d try to keep up both anyway to increase my photo traffic, but I’m not doing well at keeping up blogs.

  5. Ooops… weird. Now “WinsomeWorks” is taking us to my Etsy site rather than WP blog. I’m supposedly signed in using my WP account, so I have no idea why that would be happening. Lmk where the link takes you! –Anna Lisa

  6. I just do not understand why that link takes us to Etsy. So here is my WP blog, if the WinsomeWorks link also takes you to Etsy: http://winsomeworks.wordpress.com/

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