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Jan 02 2012

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Before: January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

I’ve been told that I’m a fairly honest blogger. Well, my “Before” photo doesn’t get much honester. Ick. (Yeah yeah…I know. “Honester” isn’t a word.)

Last week I went to see the doctor. I’m in fairly good health, except for a couple of things. My blood pressure is on the high side, although it’s better than it was a year ago at this time. 140/90. Could be better. The other problem is my cholesterol….245. Not good.

So, I’m taking fish oil and Red Rice Yeast or Red Yeast Rice or something like that. At the end of my visit the doctor said what I already knew: “Losing 10 to 20 pounds would help a lot”. The problem is, I don’t think I can do it. It’s true..the older you get, the more difficult it is to get or keep the pounds off. I’m going to try, and I’m looking forward to having my clothes fit better. Still….I have great doubt over my ability to carry through on this.

In thinking it all over I’ve come to a few decisions about my “diet”. First, it has to be sustainable. I might as well not even try if I have to eat only raw juiced vegetables, or nothing but chicken soup for weeks. There are 2 things I simply will not give up: my English Muffin in the morning and my glass of Merlot before dinner. Those 2 things may help me to exercise more willpower over the random snacks and treats that come my way.

Next, I’m doing this the old fashioned way. No Southbeach/L.A. Weightloss/ Biggest Loser/Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig/Nutrisystem this time. I’m going to do this the way it MUST work: counting calories. I got an app for my phone that will tell me the number of calories in any food I may plan or be tempted to put in my mouth.

And speaking of planning, I’m going to approach this like a budget. I hope to…..scratch that. I WILL plan each day’s food at least one day ahead. I’ll calculate the calories to grant myself maximum chewing and minimum hunger pangs, and set aside all of the food I’m allowed for the day. When it’s gone, it’s gone, and I’ll just have to wait for the next day’s calories to roll over.

I’ve started doing some calorie research. I should have no fewer than 1200 calories a day. Wow. 1200 calories isn’t much. So, I’ll start using low fat milk, a lower calorie butter substitute, low fat salad dressing, lite English Muffins etc. And here’s my starter list of foods and their calories. The idea is to squeeze as much food out of that 1200 calories as possible.

fried egg……………102 calories
English muffin……….237 calories. Uh oh.
Lite English Muffin….100 calories, but let’s be honest: it doesn’t taste as good.
Light butter…………50 calories. (Land O Lakes Light Butter with canola oil.)
Orange Marmelade……..50 calories.
Applesauce…………..84 (1 snack size).
Pineapple……………48 per 100 grams. (Great. How much is 100 grams?)
Popcorn…………….180 per 2 cups. (Now there’s some bang for your buck!)
Instant oatmeal……160
Chicken breast………165
Chicken salad……….417 per 1 cup
Healthy choice meals…310. (approximately.)
Slim Fast Shake……..180
Red wine……………123

So, here’s the deal. I’ll keep posting my plans and calorie counts. It’ll give me some accountability. Feel free to diet along with me, if that happens to be your New Year’s resolution. If you come up with some great foods or daily plans, would you please comment? Bear in mind, I am NOT a good cook, so keep it simple. :0)

My modest (I think) goal is to lose 20 pounds by June 29….. The date of my next doctor appointment.

So, here’s my plan for tomorrow:

Breakfast: Lite English Muffin 100
Lite “butter” 50
Orange marmalade 50
Coffee with 1/2 & 1/2

morning snack: Banana 89
coffee with creamer

Lunch: 3/4 cup chicken salad 400

afternoon snack: 1 glass merlot 123

Dinner: Healthy Choice Meal 310

Snack: 2 cups popcorn 180

Total: 1311

Oh well. It DID say no LESS than 1200. Didn’t say anything about more……
Water, you say? We’ll talk about that tomorrow….but I hate drinking water when I don’t feel thirsty. Besides, any of my teacher friends can tell you why it’s not a good idea during the school day.
This is NOT going to be easy. :0(


27 comments on “Before”

  1. ps: starting weight is 139. Goal is 120.

  2. I’m working on a diet myself. Yuk. Same calorie intake plan. But I am adding work out. Started today at the local 24-hr Fitness Center called Snap!

    My goal is about 30 pounds. Yah. Painful. That’s if I ever want to fit into any of my suits again. I stopped buying new clothes and stuck to the local Goodwill. Yep. I couldn’t bear to purchase something new at size 14. double yuk.

    So, it’s all good. I’m glad to know you’re working on your body/health.

    I have 3 major resolutions: work out (3-5 times a week), daily devotional time and blog writing, and working one hour a day on my manuscript (minimum).

    In there with ya’

  3. Hi Irm! Exercise is another thing I’m going to have to address. Unfortunately, it’s never been real high on my priority list for long.

    My daily devotional time is regular….just not long enough. I’d have to get up at 4 AM for it to be long enough!

    And blog writing…you are SO faithful. I’ll bet you publish at least 5 times a week. I don’t even know when the last time I posted was. I really enjoy writing….just don’t always have anything to say.

    Good to hear from you! Let me know how it’s going! :0)

    • Hey Janie, the calorie thing is great, but you need to burn some of those calories to lose weight. Don’t make it too difficult. I would love to help. How about we start going for walks either before, after, or lunch time at work? Spending time with you would be wonderful. But, in order for it to work we MUST have a specific time or schedule otherwise we will always find an excuse not to do it. Let me know and let’s start SOON. Love ya’ Nancy

      • That sounds great! Does after school work alright? I have a hard time getting everything together in the morning. Tues, Wed and Friwork best for me, but Thursday can also work if necessary. Not there on day 3, but 1 and 4 could work at lunch….2 is a chorus day. Let’s compare schedules and see what we can work out. Thanks Nance! Love ya back!

  4. Wow, proud of you for taking on this challenge and for being so transparent about your health! I always feel like it will be my lifelong battle to control my eating, so I am definitely in this fight with you. You can absolutely lose 20 lbs., it will happen.

  5. Besides your calorie counting, Jane, watch your sleep – meaning make sure you get enough, which I know is difficult for you. That is one of my problems with weight loss/gain. Your body produces some kind of fat-building hormone if you do not get enough sleep. I have actually lost a couple of pounds over this vacation WHILE eating my mother’s Christmas cookies (and you know what those are like!) only because I have been getting lots of sleep. Almost every day of this vacation I have had at least 8 hours of sleep, which I never get when school is in session. I, too, need to lose weight (only my appointment is in March!) so I am going to 1) try to sleep more, and 2) get out of my desk and walk around the school between periods.

    By the way, Niacine is supposed to be good for cholesterol. You can find it wherever you are buying your other supplements.

    • Sleep is getting tougher and tougher. At this point, it would absolutely STUPID of me to have a cup of coffee after 4 P.M. One night last week I was awake ALL NIGHT because of my own idiocy. the only time that comes in handy is when I have to drive.
      I will definitely look for Niacine, and walking at lunch time may be a very good idea. I’m walking a little because of the dogs, but obviously not enough to make a difference.

      You are at a great disadvantage because of your mother’s cookies! Keep me posted. :0)

  6. I am proud of you Jane. It has been a lifelong struggle for me year in
    and year out. My sister and I joined WW again for the ?? time today.
    I know that my weight has caused alot of my health problems in the
    past. Maybe if I follow WW and keep reading your post I might succeed.
    I might even be able to help you out with tips I get at WW. Sorry I won’t
    post a picture or give my weight. Just support you in what you are doing in
    any way I can. Good Luck!

    • Thanks Mary! I’ll be looking for your WW tips…remember, I’m a terrible cook, so keep it simple! When we do our Promenade night we can go to Red Robin…they have some good dishes on their menu for people who are watching calories.

  7. Watch dairy products. Don’t avoid altogether, but they really add to the waist line.
    Put some wild music on after you get home from school and dance like crazy for 15 minutes a day – jump, bend, bounce.

    One acidopholus capsule a day helps digestion.

    • Geez Denise…by the time I get home from school all I want to do is collapse with the paper…..but I’ll try.

  8. You have my support…where is the exercise??? Jane, you can burn off that muffin with a walk…you really should add in exercise. A good fast walk can burn up to 400 calories in about 40 minutes…think about it.

  9. I have to tell you, Lynnie…..I’ve spent entire summers walking miles up and down hills…( 2 1/2 per day to be exact), and the only thing it accomplished was to make my cellulite a little less noticeable. I know it’s important….for me especially to keep my frame of mind positive…..but seriously, how do you fit it into your day!?

  10. Hi Jane, I have been using a free program online called Spark People that has helped me with all the food I eat. It has great ideas and you can plug in all the food you eat in a day and it will calculate your numbers for you. I must keep track of potassium and sodium and that will do that for you. I used it last year and I dropped 5 pounds and I am back on it again. Let me know if you want anymore info. It also lets you logged onto a fitness part of the program and calculates your minutes and calories. Good luck, Jane

  11. Hey Janey,
    I’m working on this too.
    184 starting weight.

  12. Hi Jane,

    You look so sad in your picture. 😦 I love you just the same. To cut a few more calories, pick up fat free half and half. I find that I can’t really tell the difference.

    My prayers are with you. // I also try to park further out in the parking lot.

  13. Lol Carol….sad is a very good word for that particular picture! :0)

  14. You do look sad. You don’t look that bad! Good luck with your diet. I need to get back to exercising, myself.

  15. Hi Jane – I’m going through the same thing. Awhile back, I lost well over 50 pounds – and then I lost my mind and ate my way through about 20 of them. So I’m faced with clothes that don’t fit and a silhouette that makes me cringe. I’m trying this year to be aware of what I eat and why. I’m also cutting down portions, eliminating sweets as much as possible (I have to have the occasional bit of chocolate) and I’m digging out my Pilates machine, coz I hate going to the gym. So I’m in this with you too my friend. I truly believe as long as we find a way to not deprive ourselves of the foods we love, but eat them in moderation, (counting those calories) both of us will succeed. Baby steps. Every day start afresh.

  16. good luck, Jane- I am doing Weight Watchers- basically writing down all I eat and counting those points- have lost 10 pounds- now to keep it off!!! good luck with your calorie counting- I love the new plan because fruit is almost unlimited!!

    • 10 pounds! Yay Eileen! I’m looking forward to being able to say I’ve lost 10 pounds. Once I’ve gotten that far I know the doctor will be satisfied, even though I want to lose twice as much. Congratulations!!! :0D

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