The World is My Accountability Partner, or, So Far, So Good.

By: Jane

Jan 07 2012

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It’s day 5 of my reduce the pounds/cholesterol/blood pressure diet. I’m counting calories – around 1200 a day – and so far I’ve lost 2 pounds in 5 days.

My plan is to plan, so that I know ahead of time exactly what I’m going to eat in a day, and when the food for the day s gone, I have to stop eating. Anybody who knows me, though, knows how disorganized I am, and by extension, a poor planner. I planned my first day well, but immediately got behind the 8 ball for day 2 and had no plan, so I wound up eating exactly the same things I did on day 1. Fortunately, I really like my version of chicken salad.

4 large boneless chicken breasts.
half a large onion, diced
1 tablespoon mustard
3 tablespoons lite mayo
2 tsps sweet relish
salt and pepper

Cut up the chicken and onion and stir it all together. Actually, I eyeball the ingredients, so really you just take them all and throw it together however it tastes best to you. My way gives me about 380 calories per 3/4 cup.

Other things that are helping me stay within the 1200 calorie limitation are Healthy Choice Meals, which are tasty, but about half of what I would normally eat. (Ohhhhhhhh. I GET it!) Popcorn is wonderful stuff…150 calories per 3 and 1/2 cups! My friend Sue put me onto string cheese….60 calories per stick, and one is all I need. I pretty much eat all of the fruit and veggies I want. ( I use my chicken salad as a dip for carrots and cauliflower.) Bananas get me through the morning…I have one with my coffee when I get to school. And those little Applesauce Cups? 50 calories each. I can have TWO!

Tonight we went to Red Robin for dinner. I googled “Ensenada Chicken Platter calories” and got an immediate answer: 440. Not bad for a restaurant meal! It’s just chicken with a salad on the side, but it tastes good and keeps the hunger pangs away.

I’ve gotten a lot of support and advice, too. My friend Nancy offered to walk with me, to ensure that I don’t try to do this without exercise. So we set up a schedule and several of us will be walking together twice a week.

There are tons of weight loss support systems out there: (thanks Janice!) An inexpensive dvd, suggested by Lynne:

She suggested the beginner’s weight loss transformation. Waiting for it to arrive. Several people suggested yoga. I have it on Wii fit….does that count? Treadmill….that I can do, as long as I have a movie, audio book or music.

My cousin, Mark, suggested “Ideal Protein”. I’d looked into this before, and it looks like a very good, very healthy program, but it’s only offered through health care providers, and there was only one doctor in my whole state who handled the program. If you Google it you can find out if there’s an office nearby.

Suggested supplements included niacin, a multi vitamin, fish oil and SLEEP! I really want to try that out….unfortunately whether or not I get enough sleep isn’t always a choice. Insomnia strikes at random intervals, but when I can sleep, I sleep well.

Honestly, though, I think that the thing that will make this work for me is writing about it. Enough people are in my corner now that I don’t want to disappoint them, or myself. So, I promise to keep telling the truth about what I’m eating and how I’m wearing it.


2 comments on “The World is My Accountability Partner, or, So Far, So Good.”

  1. Read a discouraging article from NYT Magazine about the body actually fighting against us once we reach weight goal. May take up to 6 years to convince the body that we are not starving. Sigh. This means that same energy we are putting to weight loss we must put to weight maintenance. This makes sense to me when I consider my lifetime of yo-yoing.

    I want to commit to the long haul. IB

    • I’ll commit with you, Irm. I’ve often wondered what weight my body would finally stabilize at if I just let it go. The answer, I guess, is that it wouldn’t. We’re just going to have to plan our treats, and then plan for recovery from them. :0)

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