The “Beginner’s” Workout

By: Jane

Jan 22 2012

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I am in pain. Yesterday I tried to complete a full 45 minute workout . If this is for beginners, I must be in exercise pre-school.

Seriously! I’m having trouble going up and down stairs today. To be honest, I only completed about half an hour of the 45 minutes, because any time I felt weak or dizzy I just stopped. I made ALL of the modifications the instructor said to make if I was having trouble with the regular workout. And still, I’m hurtin’.

It started out easily enough….stretch and breathe. But by the last 15 minutes I was giving the guy back talk.

Him: “you’re doing great! Look what you’ve accomplished already, and it’s only your first work out”.

Me: “Oh puhleeze. Just shut up, ok?”

Him: “We’re doing standing ab exercises because I know you. If we were down on the floor you’d just lay there and listen. This way you’ll keep going.”

Me: “Wanna bet?”

Still, I must have accomplished something besides sweating all over the carpet, because I CANNOT MOVE MY LEGS. I also was down another pound when I got on the scale. ( In 2 1/2 weeks I’m a quarter of the way to my goal).

So, I’ll give it another go later this week. With lighter weights, and probably still won’t get all the way through it, but hey…. Ya gotta start somewhere. There are are a couple of things I’ll have to overcome, though. One is my complete self-consciousness about this sort of thing. I have a personal need to do this when no one else is home. The other is that it’s a 45 minute DVD. I already get up at 5:15. Even if I manage to roll out of bed at 4:30, the only thing I’m capable of lifting at that hour is a coffee cup. And everyone is home then.

Meanwhile, between “beginner” workouts I’ll keep walking several days a week, and sticking to my 1200 to 1500 calorie diet.

Does griping count as exercise?


6 comments on “The “Beginner’s” Workout”

  1. Jane bravo for doing the workout. It is perfectly fine you couldn’t do all of it. And of course you would be sore that means you used your muscles…and worked them. That is a good sore…! Try it again. Don’t give up. When I started his DVD’s a year ago they were hard for me too and I was already running, and working out with a trainer. But now…they are still challenging but I can get through them with no problem. They are tough…but tough is what you need. You will burn a ton of calories. You can ask Dave…I always talk to Bob while doing his workouts. I will say, “Bob I don’t want to do those, Bob, this is hard, Bob you are killing me.” Give it a go again…in a few days at most. If you wait too long you will be sore again. Way to go Jane!!! Proud of you!! And who cares who sees you…you know what they are seeing…you exercising…and they aren’t…so you should be patting yourself on the back. Love you, Lynne

  2. Thanks Lynne…keep pushing me. :0). Love you back!

  3. Jane! I’m so proud of you for doing this. It is never easy to start excercising. I personally don’t like it either and totally understand your “need of wanting to do it when no one is home.” I have no coordination so most aerobic type video or classes are completly out for me. The one that I’ve always liked was Tae Bo with Billy Blanks. Some of my friends and I tried it in college and liked it. Made it just as sore as your video did. And we would also talk back to the tv….keep up with that. It’s cathartic!! And it’s always good to have someone that is helping your or just keeping you accountable. It gives you the motivation you need. Also I think the goal setting is important. I did it last year, 30lbs in 3 months. Ended up losing 40 by the end of summer. I have plateued at this point and really need to jump back on to my bike. Thanks for posting and sharing, it helps others 🙂

  4. Thanks Jules…I will google the Tae Bo DVD. Blogging all of this is keeping me accountable in 2 ways: 1. I dont want to have to write,”That’s it. I give up.”. 2. So many people have commented and offered support that I know I AM being held accountable as well as supported. Nancy will know if I don’t walk because I do it with her. Lynne will ask me straight out when was the last time I did my workout. I need that kind of stuff.
    Congratulations on that 40 pounds! It’s gonna be nice later this week….get that bike out! :0)

  5. Sorry, I meant to comment earlier, but this was a funny post. I laughed out loud while eating my breakfast, the other day.
    I have used Leslie Sansone (not sure on the spelling) walking workout videos and they are not too hard. I also like Denise Austin.

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