Dear Senator Casey

I am not in the habit of expressing my political views to anyone except the involved politicians themselves.  However,  in the spirit of sharing information, I would like to publish an email that I just sent to all 3 of my government representatives….Democrats and Republicans alike.

I am an independent voter who has never voted a straight ticket, either Democrat or Republican. I always vote for the most honorable candidate of either party whose views most closely align with my own. I voted for you.

Therefore, I would like you to allow me to express my view on the current negotiations to cut Social Security benefits as part of the “fiscal cliff” deal. I have paid into Social Security for my entire life, with the understanding that MY money would come back to me when I need it. To change the rules now, with my husband approaching 62 and I myself approaching 59, would be nothing less than stealing.

I have seen nothing about cutting government salaries or benefits.

I am your constituent, whom you represent. Please take my perspective into account before you cast your vote. I will take yours into account before I cast mine.

Jane Rivera



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