A Good Friday Prayer

Lord, as I sit here looking out my front window, I see rain falling on my comfortable neighborhood.  When I think of the houses that we have, the conveniences, the technology, I feel very far removed from Golgotha.

I’m glad that I wasn’t there to see Your crucifixion.  I understand that the brutality of Your murder was necessary, to show us in a way we can understand, that Your suffering was immense; also to show us how far we can fall as human beings.  To think that humans can do such things to others exemplifies why we need Your salvation.  But it would have been very hard for me to have been there – I can’t even watch a movie about it now.

I’m not complaining, but I don’t understand why I have been so favored in my life.  Thank You for all You’ve given me….the time and place in which I live, the people I love, the freedom from persecution that others, in other places, must bear, eternal life, bought at a price too great for me to ever understand.

I don’t want to waste it, Lord.  I don’t want to just keep it all for myself, then die, never having shared any of what You’ve given me.  So, Lord, when the opportunities come for me to pay it forward, in whatever way they may present themselves, please remind me how much I owe You.

Thank You for what You have done for my sake.


Morning On the Porch

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